About Zara

Hi! This is where you get to know a little more about the person behind All About Z.

I'm Zara, 23, a British born Bangladeshi who is based in Wales. I've got a ridiculously nerdy interest in science and gained a degree in Medical Genetics and I'm currently in the final year of my PhD. I'm not 100% certain what I'm going to be doing after that but I've got plenty of time to figure it out. 

With that formal bit out of the way let me tell you the things I'm interested in. I'm a lover of rom-coms, baking, Lush products and food. I have an extremely sweet tooth and have plans to visit as much of the world as I can before I leave it. I can't drink warm coffee because it gives me a headache but could drink iced coffee by the gallons. And as for the things I don't like - anything containing cinnamon, anything that hurts the ones I love and those cats that have no fur.

About 'All About Z'

I set up this blog in September 2016 after a two week break from my studies and realising that I needed a creative outlet. I set this up in hopes of being able to share the thoughts that often go around in my head about things that happen in the world and my feelings on being caught between two rather different cultures.

All About Z is a space where I share products I love, snippets about my life and anything else I feel I would like to share with anyone who reads it.

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