Saturday, 15 April 2017

25 Before 25

Not so long ago I turned 24 but I'm obsessed with the fact that this time next year I will be a quarter of a century. When I look at the people around me who I went to school with, many of them have settled down are in stable jobs and at times I wonder if I have chosen to take my life in the 'wrong' direction. However after a little bit of thinking I know I love where I am and so I want to embrace that a bit more. 25 seems like a milestone and so in order to celebrate reaching it this year I plan to do 25 things before I turn 25. Below is my 25 before 25 list which I hope to complete and I will update the list with linked blog posts as I complete the items.

1) Attend the Hay Festival. Being a massive bookworm it seems ridiculous that I haven't attended a book festival which is pretty much on my doorstep.

2) Watch and international rugby game. I feel like rugby is in my veins thanks to my Welsh heritage and it's a shame I haven't been able to watch the boys play at home whilst the world watches.

3) Visit Thermae Bath Spa. Nothing beats a bit of pamper time and I've always wanted to visit this spa.

4) Go to Disneyland Paris. I never went to Disney as a child but I don't see why I can't go as an adult.

5) Treat my parents to dinner. They have loved and supported me all my life and this would be a small way to show my gratitude.

6) Read 100 books. I'm not even sure this is going to be possible but I'll give it shot.

7) See a West End show. I've been lucky enough to watch some shows on Broadway but I've yet to pay a visit to the West End.

8) Save £5000. I would like to have a little money saved away for a rainy day.

9) Climb Pen-y-fan. Scaling the highest peak in South Wales would be an achievement. 

10) Learn to do the splits. Because why not - it's good to be flexible in life.

11) Go 30 days without fast food. I am a bit of a fast food junkie so maybe this would help me kick the habit.

12) Learn to surf. This has been on my list for years so it's time I pluck up the courage and do it. 

13) Complete a scrapbook. A really lovely way to document the special moments in your life and I would like to appreciate my days a little more.

14) Fly in a hot air balloon. What an amazing experience this would be!

15) Donate my hair to charity. It's all for a good cause.

16) Knit a scarf. This one could end disastrously.

17) Become vegetarian for 30 days. My best friend is a vegetarian and I've always been interested to see if I'm capable of doing it.

18) Make 1000 lucky stars and give them to someone special. So that someone knows that I would give them a lot of my time.

19) Take up meditation. Yoga really wasn't for me but maybe some mindfulness meditation will be.

20) Grow a chilli plant. Testing out whether I inherited my Nan's green fingers.

21) Learn a foreign language. I'm not sure which one yet - potentially Arabic or Spanish.

22) Go for afternoon tea. I think this would be a good way to spend the afternoon.

23) Take a cooking class. Like a one off course to gain some skills.

24) Own a pair of Louboutin shoes. I love my shoes and if I'm honest I would be ecstatic to own a pair of these.

25) Keep a journal. I really want to appreciate the days in my life more so it would be helpful to actually keep an account of them.

25 things to achieve before I turn 25. They may not all happen but I'm going to give it my best shot and I hope you enjoy taking the journey with me. Do you have a list of things want to do?

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