Thursday, 26 January 2017

Introducing Z - 50 Facts About Me

I set up this blog in October 2015 in hopes of finding a place to express myself as I finish my PhD. I’m happy with my little place on the internet but I’ve realised that I’ve never really introduced myself to you all. Here are 50 facts about me that you probably didn’t know!
  1. I’m currently in the last year of my PhD but I’m not 100% certain what I want to do next
  2. I used to have hair down to my hips but cut it short when I was 13
  3. I have one younger sister who you can find over at ‘A Cup Of Sai’
  4. My favourite animal is the hippo and I have various cuddly versions
  5. My favourite colour is teal
  6. I can play violin, viola and piano
  7. I have never smoked or drank alcohol and I don’t think I ever will
  8. I am an avid reader and you can check me out on goodreads
  9. I was always told off in school because I wouldn’t stop talking and nothing much has changed if I’m honest
  10.  I am absolutely in love with Colin Firth. I’m not entirely sure what it is but I’m not going to fight it
  11.  I have a massive fear of spiders. I freeze as soon as I see one
  12.  My star sign is Aquarius and I think it fits me perfectly
  13.  My favourite number is 13
  14.  I believe in Karma – what you put into the universe is what you will get out
  15.  I’m a Muslim
  16.  I cry easily – watching a film with me can be a nightmare
  17.  I love piercings. I currently have my lobes, helix and nose done but I would love to get more
  18.  I write a lot of spoken word poetry and I might start sharing some soon
  19.  I am 5’2 and have actually had people tell me they hadn’t seen me after walking into me
  20.  I adore Thai food
  21.  When I get hungry I start to take it out on people around me
  22.  I am a dog person so never apologise if your dog comes up to me looking for attention
  23.  It took me four attempts to pass my driving test
  24.  I will eat any dessert as long as it contains chocolate
  25.  The idea of the deep sea really freaks me out. We have no idea what can survive down in those depths
  26.  I volunteer with cancer patients
  27.  I suffer quite badly from anxiety
  28.  I have never broken a bone which is surprising considering how clumsy I can be
  29.  I don’t know how to ride a bike and I feel I’m too old to learn now
  30.  I can’t imagine living anywhere that doesn’t have a coastline
  31.  As far as I know, I’m not allergic to anything
  32.  Warm coffee gives me a headache but I can drink cold coffee by the bucket
  33.  I share my birthday with John Travolta
  34.  I am a huge fan of musicals and visited Broadway twice when I went to New York
  35.  I’m not sure whether I want children or not
  36.  I don’t usually carry a bag when I go out. I just stick my purse and phone in my pockets
  37.  I’ve only ever been to two concerts – The Script and Beyonce
  38.  I am definitely a winter person
  39.  I love to sing in the shower and in the car at the top of my lungs
  40.  My favourite subject in school was science which worked out pretty well as I am a scientist now
  41.  I believe in ghosts
  42.  I have a good relationship with my parents and would be lost without them
  43.  I would love to travel across the world and I’m happy that I’ve started ticking places off my list
  44.  The sorting hat placed me in Slytherin and I’m proud of my house
  45.  I could eat a whole box of Cadbury’s Fingers if left unsupervised
  46.  I love Christmas time
  47.  If you are funny I will probably like you
  48.  I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and I’m not sure I see the point in it
  49.  I am actually terrible at maths and get Sai to do calculations for me when out shopping
  50.  It’s my dream to give a TED talk one day
Now you know a little more about the person behind this blog. Don't be shy - pop by on twitter and come and have a chat!

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  1. Those facts are really fun. I don't like valentines day either, i'm not a romantic so i think it's all stupid x