Saturday, 29 October 2016

BOOK CLUB: The Girl On The Train

The girl on the train, book, book cover

It's been pretty impossible to not hear about this book and on a recent cinema visit I saw the trailer for the film adaptation and so I finally caved and purchased The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. The trailer for the film really caught my attention so what did I have to lose?

The Girl On The Train is really a story about an alcoholic called Rachel Watson and how she finds herself involved in the disappearance of a Megan who she only knows because she has seen through the window of the train on her daily commute.

Told from the point of view of three different characters a tale unravels of Rachel's life and her downward spiral. We learn of her divorce and her obsession with her ex-husband, Tom, and his new wife, Anna. Her dependence on alcohol becomes apparent within this first few pages and the lies she tells in order to maintain the appearance of having control in her life. One of these lies includes Rachel commuting to work even though she lost her job months ago. During these commutes the train stops behind Rachel's old house where Tom and Anna now live and unable to look she ends up focusing on a house a few doors down and imagining the life of 'Jason and Jess' a pair she can see living there. Once 'Jess' who Rachel finds out is actually called Megan goes missing on a night that Rachel was seen blind drunk on her old street things pick up pace and very quickly.

The girl on the train, book, book cover

I really enjoyed this book and having finished it I can understand why there was so much hype. Essentially you have threads of three women's lives coming together so throughout the book you are piecing things together. With such an unreliable narrator you second guess a lot of the information that is given to you. This book is fast paced from the start and that was something I was glad about. The character development throughout was well thought out and everything tied together without leaving holes. The twists in this story happen all the way through but continue right up until the end keeping you reading (I managed to finish this one in almost a day).

I highly recommend The Girl On The Train to anyone who likes a thriller book. It's gripping and dark and with the film adaptation all ready released I would definitely read it before it gets spoiled for you. I'm just hoping the movie lives up to the book!


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