Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Kate Spade Agenda

I am absolutely in love with Kate Spade's designs and so when I stumbled across her agendas in John Lewis I had to pick one up. They come in two designs - a gold and white polka dot design or a black and white stripe design. They also come in two sizes - medium and large. I opted for a medium polka dot agenda with the following dimensions:
  • height: 19.7 cm
  • width: 14.24 cm
  • depth: 3.17 cm
It makes it easy to slip into my bag without taking up too much room.

As I'm a student I'm always looking for a mid year planner and the Kate Spade agenda is a 17 month planner running from August 2016 to December 2017.

The opening pages are a yearly overview which I probably won't be using as it's quite small. Whereas the next pages are perfect for jotting down birthdays and anniversaries. You then have a list of holidays and a couple of notes pages before moving into the individual months of the year.

Something I love about the agenda is that at the beginning of each month there is a to do list that is themed for the month. It's a nice little touch and a great way to get some ideas if you are wondering what to do.

Each month has a monthly overview which is good for at a glance dates before you plunge into your weekly pages. My weeks can be pretty hectic and the space for each day seems pretty small so I'm not 100% sure it'll fit everything yet but I'll have to wait and see.

Overall the 17 month Kate Spade agenda is a stylish planner that is compact in its layout and design which makes it perfect to take to work in my bag pack or out in my handbag.

How do you stay organised?



  1. This looks perfect for student life! I had one laid out similarly when I was at uni and it was perfect and made life so much easier - pretty diary.

  2. I have the one with the black and white stripes and I love it. This one is gorgeous too!

  3. I love Kate Spade stationery and the calendar looks awesome!

  4. Really cute! I have been eyeing the Kate Spade notebooks, but first gotta finish all other ones I have ...